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1. Introduction
2. Basic Uploads
3. Config Params
4. Advanced
5. International
6. File Downloads

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Chapter 1. Introduction & Quick Start
Contains the feature list, system requirements, and a simple code snippet to get you started.

Chapter 2. Basic File Uploading
Describes basic upload functionality with and without redirecting. Also covers uploading form items.

Chapter 3. Configuration Parameters
Describes numerous configuration options you can take advantage of in your application.

Chapter 4. Advanced Features
Describes event handling, customizing progress bars, using XUpload as a server component, etc.

Chapter 5. Internationalization
Shows how to replace XUpload's captions, menu items and messages with their foreign-language equivalents. Also explains XUpload's Unicode support.

Chapter 6. File Download Functionality
Describes XDownload, a file download object included with XUpload 3.0 and above.

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